Monae Roberts (she/her)

Monae Roberts, Former Program Coordinator

Position Title
Former Program Coordinator (2016-2017)


Monae Roberts no longer works at the CCC. If you'd like to get in contact with her, she is currently working as the assistant director of the LGBTQIA+ resource center, also housed in the Student Community Center. 

Monae Roberts (she/her) is Brooklyn bred and Philly adopted. She is an African American, queer woman with a passion for authentic connection and engagement. Monae moved from Philadelphia to California and joined the Cross Cultural Center staff in October 2016. She attributes most of her social justice awakening to her time spent at Temple University while working in Residential Life and pursuing a M.A. in African American studies. Monae's goal is to promote critical consciousness for social justice, and increase authentic human connection, in order to heal the ethereal wounds of humanity. Her professional/research interests are: African Diasporic relations, critical consciousness for liberation, authentic leadership, intersectionality, identity development, queer issues, underserved populations, advocacy and allyship, Africana philosophy and ancient healing practices. She formerly served as the Cross Cultural Center's Program Coordinator from the academic year of 2016-2017. Monae is currently working as the assistant director at the LGBTQIA+ Resource Center.